Braintrust Hospitality is made up of a team of proven professionals who have worked both in executive and leadership positions in various areas of international hotel companies, as well as in strategic projects for various global clients. We put our experience and track record at the service of our clients in all our business lines.


Our identity is characterised by combining international hospitality leaders and experts with consultants and analysts with extensive experience in various sectors. This unique fusion of knowledge and experience allows us to guarantee success and, above all, to offer exceptional added value to all our clients and projects. Not only do we apply high-level sector expertise, but we also use the most advanced methodologies and processes from other sectors.


The majority of our team is made up of professionals with a solid background in various markets and hotel companies. We are passionate about the hospitality industry, and we bring that passion to every project we work on. We are driven by a vocation for service and the constant search for excellence in all aspects of hotel management, as well as in our consultancy and transaction projects. We feel that we are an active and committed part of the sector's value chain.


Our DNA in management and execution sets us apart. At Braintrust Hospitality we don't just design plans, offer recommendations or deliver manuals. At Braintrust Hospitality we also manage and execute them. This is how we like to offer our management services, develop consultancy projects or accompany hotel transactions. This is how we conceive the hotel business.


We have a network of world-class contacts in hotel investment, hotel management partnerships and technology, all of which add to our team's in-house capabilities and put them at the service of our clients to maximise the profitability of their businesses.


In our business approach, we are constantly driven by evolution and innovation is a cornerstone of our work. We strive to foster innovation in all aspects of our work, from management processes to methodologies, the adoption of new business models, the creation of strategic alliances and the implementation of advanced technologies and data analysis. This dedication to innovation always drives our three business lines: management, consulting and transactions.

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