Transactions and Development

Our Transactions and Development area is composed of a team with more than 15 years of experience in all activities surrounding the purchase, sale or development of hotels, supporting both buyers and investors in search of highly profitable assets, as well as owners who need to sell their asset in a professional and discreet manner, or developers who need to find the right client and the right hotel brand for their land.

Acquisition and sale of hotels

Braintrust Hospitality has a close relationship with all players in the hotel market: institutional and private investors, family offices, owners, national and international hotel chains and operators.

Our specialized team is constantly searching for and selecting off-market hotel assets, i.e. not publicly available, as well as identifying potential investors interested in investing or co-investing in our clients' hotel projects.

We offer high value services in the search and recommendation of assets or investors, depending on each need, that meet the acquisition and/or sale requirements requested by each client, advising both buyers and sellers throughout the process, always under the strictest confidentiality and discretion.

Each case we assist is unique, depending on the client's needs. Braintrust Hospitality supports clients in this process by performing, among others, the following tasks:

  • Commercial Due Diligence with marketing materials.
  • Hotel asset valuations.
  • Terms and conditions sheets.
  • Business feasibility analysis.

Hotel development and conceptualisation

At Braintrust Hospitality we assist developers, owners and hotel chains in identifying the most appropriate hotel product concept and brand to maximise its use and improve the owner's profitability.


Our strategy keeps up to date with the evolution of product concepts in the sector and we anticipate movements in the industry, taking into account new trends in tourism consumption, and what the competition is doing nationally and internationally.


Part of the conceptualisation is to support in the creation of strategies to position or refocus the business, in case of existing hotels or new developments.


In other cases, we also accompany in rebranding processes of an existing asset and assist in the search and selection of different branding proposals for hotel companies.

Negotiation of Management & Franchise Contracts

The selection of a hotel brand and operator is a key determinant for the success of the investment. Negotiating the right terms and conditions is as important as selecting the right operating partner.


Braintrust Hospitality, with deep experience in these situations internationally, assists clients in introducing different brand possibilities for an existing or developing hotel, as well as in finding the operator that best performs in order to guarantee the returns expected by the owner.


The negotiation of letters of intent, hotel management contracts, franchise agreements, branding agreements, and other commercial terms are day-to-day functions within the Braintrust Hospitality team.

Feasibility Studies

Braintrust Hospitality's team of specialised analysts has extensive knowledge and experience in carrying out feasibility studies for the development of hotel projects and the improvement or expansion of existing hotels.


We have our own methodology, unique in the market, which covers all the key aspects for the correct definition of the key performance indicators of the project: from the correct definition of the Competitive Set, ideal business segmentation, optimal room mix, quantitative and qualitative analysis using advanced scraping techniques, analysis of the evolution of macroeconomic and microeconomic KPIs, among others.


The reports we produce allow investors and owners the opportunity to preview the possible operational results that a proposed hotel model could achieve with a reliability that is unique in the market.

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